The right words in the right space

A sufficient supply of monkeys with typewriters will, eventually, given enough time, produce a perfect set of product instructions, or web copy, or a social media post. Unfortunately brands don’t have that kind of patience. Our crack team of word-smithing wizards is on call right now to punch up, whip into shape or kill the darlings in any brand’s copy.

Sure, we can write your website for you. Yes, we can make the side of the box your product comes in look and sound like it belongs on a shelf. Of course, we can script out a month of social media posts.

These things take a huge amount of time or a huge amount of experience. We only have the latter.

  • General Copywriting Services for Brand Identity
  • Specific Copywriting Services per Web Page
  • Product Label Proofing Service
  • Product Packaging - Compliance Review w/Proofing
  • Product Packaging Copywriting - Ingredients, Directions, ETC
  • Social Media Campaign Writing

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