Clean, clear, and on brand

There are five basic principles of design that most people do not follow. Composition, Legibility, Proportion, Consistency, and Aesthetics are present regardless of their level of success or the intent of the designer.

Razbit begins the design process at square one with brand and logo services that create logo systems that businesses can use across platforms with no conversion issues. We have specific expertise in the creation of compliant packaging in the hemp and cannabis marketplace. Our design team is fluent in the language of today’s internet and can extend brand guidelines throughout designs that appear in every media space.

  • Homepage Design
  • Website Page Mock-ups
  • Preliminary Environment Setup & Configuration
  • Custom Theme Styles
  • Page Buildout - Content Migration & Styling
  • Custom Page Template Development
  • Fillable Website Forms
  • Content Management System Security
  • Google Analytics Integration & Report Setup
  • Q/A Testing
  • Website Production Launch
  • Social Media Campaign Design

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